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(Reads up to March 14, 2020)

I have always loved descriptive statistics and that’s why I like to look at this map, which shows where the all-time visits of this webpage have come from (dark=more, light=less). Usually, countries that visit my page more are those in which I’ve lived or studied at some point in my life (e.g. Germany, Portugal, Canada), probably because some of the friends I made in these places can see when I write something new via, for example, facebook. But I also noticed that certain posts I’ve written in the past keep being of interest for certain nationalities, e.g. my post “cosas que no te enseñan en la universidad” is constantly read by people from Peru and other Latin-American countries, while “The Johnson-Neyman Technique and an R script to apply it” is usually read by Western-Europeans. The top 5 countries by visits are: Peru, United States, Canada, Portugal and Spain.

I just realized my webpage is turning 5 years old!, so it feels like a good opportunity to put this map here. I will probably update it regularly, although I don’t expect the patterns of the map to change much. Thanks for reading!