About me

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I’m an evolutionary biologist interested in the links between ecology and morphology, and how this relationship has shaped the evolution of species in a large scale. Other interests include phylogenetic comparative methods, functional morphology and basic natural history. I was born in Peru, where I obtained my BSc. from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, posteriorly I received MSc. degrees from the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich and the University of Montpellier. At present I’m a PhD student in the Mahler lab, at the University of Toronto.

I use lizards as my main study organisms because of their strong interaction with their environment, which ultimately shapes their morphology and behavior. The links between environment and phenotype that we can study with them allow us to observe how evolution is driven under several different conditions. A huge amount of work has been produced in the past in respect to lizards in an evolutionary context, allowing us to test several hypotheses and ask new questions in the present.

You can visit my past and present research in this web! As well as my blog posts, which are written in both english and spanish (my native language).