Field Notes From The Past (13): Fishes of the Bahamas

…the fishes of the Bahamas are not only useful for food, but also as an attraction to the many visitors to the Islands. Their beauty in life, as they swim to and from among the sea fans and corals, is indescribable, and one never tires looking through the water bucket with glass bottom, or better still, through the floor of a glass-bottom boat. The “Sea Gardens” of Nassau harbor are famous for their beauty, but they are meager in attraction to some of the bottoms observed farther south. The rock-beauties, angel-fishes, turbot, tang, parrot-fishes, pork-fish, hog-fish, cock-eye pilot, and many others are plainly seen in the clear water and as they flash their beautiful colors fill the observer with wonder and admiration.

Cover image: Histrio histrio (originally Pterophryne histrio). Obtained from the reference.



– Shattuck, GB. (Ed.). (1905). The Bahama Islands. Johns Hopkins Press.


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